Thank you for your interest in the Club-Only Competiton organized by Buffalo Brew Club.

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Entry Registration is Open

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  1. This competition is Club-only.
  2. All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).
  3. Bottles will not be returned to entrants.
  4. Online registration closes February 3, 2018
  5. All entries must be corrodinated for pick-up ahead of time or delivered during Club Meetings by the deadline.
  6. There are six categories for judging:  Categories 1D, 10A, 10B, 10C, 22D, and 24A of the 2015 BJCP beer styles.
  7. Please ensure your bottles are labled
  8. Do not glue your labels to your bottles. Please use a rubber band.

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Michael Fry — Competition Coordinator